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Click here for the Shelby County Health Foundation Grant Application.

Formed in 1984, the basic policy of the Shelby County Health Foundation is to solicit contributions, gifts, grants, devises, or bequests of real or personal property, or both, from individuals, foundations, partnerships, associations, governmental bodies, public or private corporations and agencies to benefit or support the medical and health care of the citizens within a twenty-mile radius of Harlan, Shelby County, Iowa, all in a manner which will preserve the corporation’s tax exempt status under IRC Section 501 (c) (3) and its exemption from private foundation status under IRC Section 509 (a) (1).

The nine member board reflects a broad representation of the community and its members shall be selected for their ability to participate effectively in fulfilling the Foundation’s objectives and purposes. The Foundation has assisted in funding projects such as Lifeline, arthroscopy equipment, a mammography machine, remodeling the outpatient department for specialty clinics, purchasing ophthalmic equipment for procedures such as cataract surgery, renovation of the Harlan Doctors Clinic building into an outpatient mental health center, the addition of an education center, wheelchairs for nursing homes, the Petersen Family Wellness Center, equipment for area ambulance services as well as providing funding to help them purchase ambulance vehicles, remodeling of the OB department, construction of an ambulance garage and funding for Elm Crest Retirement Community and Salem Lutheran Homes.

The Health Foundation recently joined with the Shelby County Community Foundation to offer contributors a second tax-advantaged option to donate funds to promote local health care. Donors who make a contribution to the Shelby County Health Foundation Endowment Fund may qualify for a 25 percent Iowa tax credit on that donation. And, depending on their tax bracket, they may be able to deduct their donation as well.

Find out more about Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program

Every year the Health Foundation will be able to use up to five percent of its Endowment Fund moneys for health care related grants. The Foundation Board encourages individuals wishing to donate to the Endowment Fund to contact Dennis Nissen at the Community Foundations of Southwest Iowa office in Omaha at

Shelby County Health Foundation Board members are available to discuss gift options with you, or you may contact your attorney for more information.

Current Board Members:

  • Lisa Riggs, President
    2118 Washington Street
    Elk Horn, IA  51531
  • Janis Norgaard, Vice President
    449 Elmwood Road
    Shelby, IA  51570
  • Mike Frederick, Secretary/Treasurer
    547 Hwy 37
    Earling, IA 51530
  • Terry Torneten
    964 Oak Road
    Harlan, IA 51537
  • Roger Davidson, MD
    1218 900th Street
    Harlan, IA 51537
  • Molly Scheve
    1402 Cyclone Avenue
    Harlan, IA 51537
  • Marcus Gross
    1434 Street F32
    Harlan, IA 51537
  • Tom Mohr
    915 Maplecrest Drive
    Harlan, IA 51537
  • Stefanie Kramer
    512 Court Street
    Harlan, IA  51537

There are many ways to financially support the Health Foundation. An annual fund drive is held in December of each year soliciting donations from the citizens of our county and surrounding area. The Foundation’s Annual Report is distributed at this time to inform the community of the year’s activities.

Thousands of dollars are given each year in memory of loved ones. Individuals such as Arlow McDowell donated land which was sold with proceeds going to the Health Foundation.

An annual fund drive is held at Myrtue Medical Center to allow staff to donate through a payroll deduction system.

Download and print the Shelby County Health Foundation donation form.

All gifts to the Shelby County Health Foundation are tax deductible. Unless you designate a specific project, the foundation board will determine the best use of your gift to support health care in Shelby County and the surrounding area.

Make checks payable to the Shelby County Health Foundation.

Please mail this form and your contribution to:

Shelby County Health Foundation
1213 Garfield Avenue
Harlan, IA 51537

Feel free to contact any of the Foundation Board members, or Janelle Sorfonden (712-755-4598) at Myrtue Medical Center for more information.

Shelby County Philanthropy Guide
The Shelby County Philanthropy Guide is a booklet listing 190 non-profits and foundations in Shelby County. It was prepared by SCOPE (Shelby County Opportunities Promotion Enterprise), a group of individuals that have been meeting under four pillars: Youth, Leadership, Philanthropy, and Entrepreneurship. Please click the link  to see a PDF version of the booklet.  [Shelby Co Philanthropic Guide 2013]