Polar BodyAge System


The Real BodyAge assessments come free with your wellness center membership.This comprehensive testing takes about 1 hour.  For non-members the testing is $50 per person.

The Polar BodyAge System looks at the following combination of factors to define what it means to be healthy:

  • how healthy your heart is
  • how strong you are today
  • whether you are flexible
Taking a step further, it also assesses the following before generating a unique and thorough assessment of your physical body age:
  • biometrics
  • blood pressure
  • body mass index
  • body fat
  • strength
  • flexibility ranking
  • V02max
What’s next?  Use the graphically presented statistics as baseline information to develop a fitness program or provide it to your personal trainer so that he or she can have a complete picture of your current physical fitness.  To a committed exerciser, it doesn’t get more motivating than this!
If you think taking a couple of inches off your waist would feel good, just imagine how great you would feel about taking a couple of years off your BodyAge score!  Here is positive proof that while you may think you can’t control life’s natural aging processes, you can be 5, 10 or even 15 years younger.  Take your Polar BodyAge test today and see for yourself!