Livewell Program

What is the Livewell Program?

  • A supervised and guided wellness program designed to improve health and quality of life
  • For individuals with various medical conditions—high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain, decreased functional abilities, etc.
  • Promotes positive lifestyle changes to enhance well-being
  • Provides support, guidance and care to encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Helps you Get Well and Stay Well!

Get Started Today!

Talk with your doctor about the Livewell Program to see if it is appropriate for you. If so, a referral will be made to Myrtue Medical Center’s Rehab Services Department. Rehab Services will provide treatment, if necessary, and conduct an initial Livewell Evaluation. At the Petersen Family Wellness Center, a customized exercise program will be designed to help you meet your fitness goals. One-on-one training sessions will ensure each participant understands and is comfortable with all recommended activities. The Livewell Program can set you on the path toward fitness for a lifetime!

Click Here for the Livewell Brochure