Medical Clinics

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Our 5 clinic locations are right here, in your own communities to help you find compassionate and skilled professionals trained to provide preventive medicine, ongoing treatment and complex surgeries dedicated to improve your health and comfort. Myrtue Medical Center operates medical clinics in five locations for your convenience: Harlan, Earling, Elk Horn, Avoca and Shelby.  No matter which clinic you visit, the medical providers will have access to your medical records which enables them to give you the best of care in a timely manner.

As well as providing care for all ages, six of our board certified family medicine physicians provide expert obstetrical care including three who perform C-sections. Dr. Sarah Devine specializes in internal medicine and pediatrics and practices in our Harlan Clinic. Dr. David Bendorf, our full-time surgeon performs an extensive list of procedures including utilizing laparoscopic (non-invasive) techniques. Please call 712.755.5130 for an appointment. Our clinics are dedicated to meeting your needs in the most compassionate and professional way, right here at home.