Myrtue Medical Center Named 2014 HEALTHSTRONG™ Hospital


Myrtue Medical Center Named 2014 HEALTHSTRONG™ Hospital

The 2014 HEALTHSTRONG Hospitals, including Myrtue Medical Center highlights top performing hospitals rated as part of iVantage’s Hospital Strength INDEX™.  The Hospital Strength INDEX is the industry’s most comprehensive rating system of hospitals and the results recognize the top performing hospitals – measuring them across 66 different performance metrics, including quality, outcomes, patient perspective, affordability and efficiency. More information can be found at

“iVantage seeks to help hospitals meet the demands of the new healthcare by providing a new level of transparency into the internal and external metrics which drive more informed decision making,” said John R. Morrow, executive vice president of iVantage Health Analytics. “The Hospital Strength INDEX analysis reveal that geographic variation, population health and superior performance are interrelated, and that they can result in lower cost, better outcomes and healthier communities nationwide.”

About iVantage Health Analytics

iVantage is a leading advisory and business analytic services company applying Accelerated Healthcare Transformation™ and the VantagePoints™ platform to drive sustained, evidence-based results. The company’s unique combination of technology, content, and expert advisory services accelerates decision making for the new healthcare.

Myrtue Medical Center Designated as BLUE ZONES Worksite


Designated BLUE ZONES Worksites


Myrtue Medical Center is the first worksite in Harlan to earn the designation as a Blue Zones Worksite.  “By completing the designation process, Myrtue Medical Center has demonstrated their commitment to create a healthier work environment by supporting the well-being of their employees,” said Harlan Program Manager Margie Schenck.

Myrtue Medical Center completed the designation criteria in the areas of leadership, purpose, habitat/physical environment, engagement, creation of policies and benefits, and well-being solutions.

Some of Myrtue Medical Center’s accomplishments towards achieving designations as a Blue Zones Worksite include:

            Implementation of an Employee Wellness Incentive Benefit Program

            Successfully registering more than 25 percent of employees to pledge and take

            action on

Adopting policies that promote health and well-being

“It was a real team effort to attain the Blue Zones Worksite designation,” said Karen Buman, Myrtue Medical Center’s Blue Zone Worksite Chair.  “The Blue Zones Worksite designation was a great way to document all the good things we have done to help make Myrtue Medical Center a healthier place for our employees”.

“With the cost of healthcare continually rising, we believe that personal accountability for one’s own health is critical. We believe our role as an employer is to provide the infrastructure to help our staff to be more accountable for their health.  Becoming a Blue Zones Worksite is an excellent way to meet this responsibility,” says Barry Jacobsen, Myrtue Medical Center CEO.

Brought to Iowa through an innovative sponsorship by Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, in collaboration with Healthways and Blue Zones, Blue Zones Project is a community-by-community well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy, and social networks.