Environmental Services Staff

Environmental Services Department

Full-time position (40 hours per week).  Works five days per week Sunday through Saturday.  Works 4:00 pm to 12:30 am.  Rotates weekends and holidays.  Assumes responsibility for overall cleaning of patient rooms, work areas, and public areas according to standards of the hospital.  May be required to sort and/or transport laundry. Successful completion of the work on a regular basis would result in a clean, safe, and attractive environment which is conducive to the recovery of ill patients and contributes positively to staff morale and the public relations of the hospital.  Thoroughly cleans assigned areas in a timely manner by applying cleaning techniques effectively.  Uses cleaning supplies in the correct manner.  Training and experience not required.  Hospital will do on-the-job training.  Must know how to use common house cleaning devices to keep areas clean.  Must know how to care for equipment, how to measure cleaning solutions, and be alert to hazards.  Completion of high school or equivalent is preferred.